REMINDER: Effective June 30, 2016 CoreLogic Will Discontinue The Redlink

As a subscriber of The Redlink product, you should have received a recent notification that CoreLogic will be retiring The Redlink due to limited overall usage, effective June 30, 2016. As an alternative, residential appraisers using The Redlink will have the option to access residential appraisal data through AppraiserSuite from CoreLogic. In addition to AppraiserSuite, CoreLogic offers a number of alternative real estate and property data solutions that you may find useful. We encourage you to visit to review other offerings if AppraiserSuite may not suit your needs. We thank you for your support during this product transition. CoreLogic strives to provide solutions that are well-established and have the ability to deliver superior results for your organization. If you need assistance accessing AppraiserSuite, or have questions regarding this announcement, please contact CoreLogic Client Services at 800.345.7334 or via email at

Note: Clients who have an annual subscription to The Redlink will receive a prorated rebate for any unused months of service.


Other Contact Information:

Oklahoma Commercial Sales & Support: 405.529.5133